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Summer Intensive 2021
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Sten Rudstrom

Action Theater Workshops

7.-8.11.  Be here Now - Open Level
9.-10.11. Giving Space and Taking Time - Advanced Level

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Sten Rudstrom Workshop Details

Be Here Now!

Action Theater™ Fundamentals

Weekend  Improvisation Training
7 & 8 November 2020
WuK, Wien

Action Theater™ training expands your expression, builds ensemble awareness, and offers you clear structures in which to play with abandon. This improvisation training builds your vocal, verbal, and physical performance skills. You learn to connect body, movement and voice. Simple, playful, and challenging exercises bring you to embodied expression and imagination.

Some topics covered include:
  • Spontaneous expression
  • Following imaginative impulses
  • Instant composition & crafting space
  • Musicality of the moment-to-moment experience

This workshop is open for anybody who enjoys moving, playing, improvising,  sharpening performance skills and/or  wants to communicate and listen better.

Sten Rudstrøm

Giving Space & Taking Time

Physical Dance/Theater Improvisation

Two days  Improvisation Training
9.-10.11. November 2020
WuK, Wien


When you work alone your partner is your body. When you work with partners, you have their body and yours. You need to respect your partners' material, treat it as real, then notice it, experience it and respond to it. This collaboration between players inside of an improvisation is often a great challenge, yet the very place for fresh choices. Our job is improvisers is to make our partners material work, not to doubt it, but rather advance it, enhance with our own additions. This workshop focuses on the “how” of improving the depth and breadth of your improvisation, whether in solo or in collaboration. Every moment is a great opportunity to say “yes.” How do I let go of what I think is “right” and join my partner(s)? When should I take space? How can I get myself out of the way of the improvisation?

This workshop create richer, deeper, meatier improvisations that rocket from previous stagnation into stellar displays of humanness.

Some topics included:

Your body and your body/mind — your body and your partners body/mind
Solo scene development
Collaborative scene development
How can I add the next piece of music?
Location, facing, placing & shape
Bulking & shadowing
Taking focus and fading out
Adding onto, repeating and/or associating material

Sten Rudstrom

Surreal Improlab wöchentlich wieder ab 25.9.2020, Freitags 9.15 - 12.00; derzeit coronabedingt ausgesetzt bitte anmelden, damit bei Ausfall informiert werden kann. WuK, Währingerstrasse 59, 1090 Wien ~~~ NOW Festival 2021 Berlin 28.4. -2.5. ~~~~ Surreal Improv Summer Intensive 2021 Toskana Termin tbd ~~~

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